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CUBIES! Probably the greatest video I've ever seen ever - Simon Yogscast

The 8-bit video is superbly animated and the tune is sure to put a beat in your feet and make you want to run to the fridge for your favorite Frosty Beverage., Jason Carrick

You can’t watch this and not smile after!

It's literal beer pong at the end!!!!! TheDarkness718

toy is the best, he needs his own cartoon series Skeddles

cubies here cubies there. it's so fun!! :P soepiA

just like tetris lol davifantage

i dont know what cubies are, but i want one :D lifeisdeath99

Toy, Cow, Chicken and Sheep. One of these things is not like the others... DaGrox94

Yup, I'll play this game!! Oh wait, it isn't a game? DAMN!!Very cute :) tashage

It's like uber minecraft. MANNNNNNNNNNEH

Not a clue what I just watched... But I like it! elementanimation

we all liveng in a yellow submarine tuskenvaderdk

I want the intro as my ringtone. Which constantly loops xD <3 TheCGIMaster

thanks, it was stuck in my head and i ended up singing it at school -.- Alexandria

The music is kind of ‘Die Toten Hosen meets David Hasselhoff... dailypicksandflicks